HIMINBJORG "Haunted Shores"

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HIMINBJORG "Haunted Shores"
  • Album: Haunted Shores
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: RED STREAM
  • Artist: 
  • France

This is a very prodigious band! There is no new year without a new album. Their Pagan Viking Metal style follows a more domestic note, for the time being, with Heavy Metal tones as well as from other fields such as Speed or Death Metal! The aggressive voices are interrupted from time to time by slow passive parts with clear voices and even with choirs while the guitars' riffs dominate the entire sound and the solos confer a progressive tint for the whole album in spite of a notable speed of the rhythms. I cannot compare it with the former ones since the new sequences assemble inside rather everything that it has been done well until this very instant. "Haunted Shores" is by far the most mature step of these musicians. The traditional Viking note is excellently presented on "Of Desire and Lust", which is a track that reminds me of old HELHEIM. "The Eternal" seems to be a frame of epic dimensions rather too tranquil for Pagan Metal since the easygoing tunes and prolonged guitars' solos, besides a clear powerful voice, purely denote a sad aspect of a delightful nostalgia inside the complete atmosphere. The next track, "Lonely", follows the same silent line while the end of the album is scored by the longest track, which is perhaps the most aggressive one (at least as far as the voice is concerned). Well, it is about "The Voices Of Revenge" which reminds me that HIMINBJORG is still a Black Metal band. Otherwise, there is a sound not confoundable appreciated and noted although the limits that designate the band are extreme Metal and acoustic Ambient.