HMM "issue 27, 2003 "

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HMM "issue 27, 2003 "
  • Album: issue 27, 2003
  • Year: 2003
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  • Romania

The oldest alive Metal publication in Romania included this time a compilation CD, like all respectable magazines usually do! I actually found out from its boss, Danut Ivanescu, something interesting: the magazine is supposed to be released three times per year so that the fact it activates on the market would be a certainty! It is a pity for this monthly magazine (ONCE!) to actually become one on three months (and there were times when its activity was drastically jeopardized if not almost terminated!). The best part is that the magazine didn't die and this year it actually celebrates a decade of existence... a decade of regularly "feeding" Romanian public with diverse (more or less) Metal information. I lately noticed a shy focus on extreme Metal styles and even on Underground as well, something which happened not before... not that obviously... Well, this fact actually pleased me much! Yet do not imagine we talk about a fanzine, but about a commercial Metal magazine with a decent layout, simple paper including information of all kind and interviews with bands like: IRON MAIDEN, KING DIAMOND or UDO and even STIILE VOLK, MYSTERIUM or MARSYAS. It is an autochthonous replica to famous ROCK HARD magazine except the fact we couldn't talk about a similar value or evaluation! Some interviews are well done and professionally conceived, pretty detailed, while others are performed in haste. The same goes for reviews as well (some of them tend to be rather too philosophic and too complex featuring some ridiculous comparisons!) but they are few in number: only 30 or so. It is nice it still exists! Perhaps it would be nice if fonts' size was smaller! But it is nice that you can find it on the news papers' table... and only at a fine price of 2, 5 euros with a CD included. Even if amongst my readers I wouldn't count that many as HMM do, I thought it wouldn't be that bad to mention about it here... especially since Romania isn't exactly the country with the biggest number of serious Metal magazines! HMM, P.O. Box 41-71, Bucuresti,