HOLLENTHON "Opus Magnum"

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HOLLENTHON "Opus Magnum"
  • Album: Opus Magnum
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Martin Schirenc is one of the most passionate supporters of the Metal scene within his lands, and PUNGENT STENCH is the band he is best known for. His VUZEM project was „flyrting” with the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate at the beginning of '90's, later taking the name of HOLLENTHON and releasing in 1999 its debut album, very appreciated at the time. Two years later a new material came into light, this one though being followed by nothing but silcence. There have been some shows done at the greatest European festivals, but that was it. Well, seven years later the four Austrians release a new album, the most Epic, Dark, heavy and bombastic of them all, with all sorts of influences, starting with the Atmospheric and Melodic ones to brutal and aggressive parts... yet, all along, you can experience a fresh mixture of exotic/oriental/ethnic scents, classical music, symphonic too, operatic female voice, mighty male ones, imposing male choirs... an album full of dynamism and energy! I guess the sound must be tremendous on live performances! I am glad that I've been able to listen to a full set of original tracks, with a remarkable musicality structured on a Black Death Metal approach, saturated in Experimental elements. I do not know why, but listening to HOLLENTHON made me think of another Austrian project, atypical for the scene, but one to be praised: KOROVA KILL... HOLLENTHON shows us another side of the modern Dark Metal, one where the Epic dimension defines a bombastic, explosive, incendiary sound, keeping you activated all along the audition! The tracks are diverse, not having many repetitive elements, on the contrary, within each track you can uncover new scents, new inspired sequences, as everything sounds excellent... In fact there is no comparison to be done, everythig sounds right on the spot, with HOLLENTHON setting all the rules! www.hollenthon.com