Ice Ages "Buried Silence"

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Ice Ages "Buried Silence"
  • Album: Buried Silence
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: Napalm Records
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

The less known musical project in Richard Lederer's (PROTECTOR) activity, is now on its way to release album number three. Everybody is familiar with the Epic Fantasy Black Metal of SUMMONING, many know the Romantic Dark Wave approach from DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS, but very few have heard the other side of the artist, the abstract one, marked by an excellent debut album in 1997, followed, three years later, by an exceptional material. "This Killing Emptiness" enchanted all the admirers of Industrial Dark Wave sonorities! I had to wait eight years for listening to a new ICE AGES album!

Going the same path, yet somehow slower and focused on the background effects, the new ICE AGES presents the same mix of normal, brutal and distorted voices, elegantly disposed on a fully melodic structure, saturated in icy and desolated atmosphere. Clearly, it's a continuance of the previous album, more technical though and with diluted Electro sequences, while the synth is now more dynamic and continuous.

Naturally, Richard's universe is an abstract one, computerized, virtual, addressing to a future world and definitely not to the one we're living in. It is a journey towards a distinct dimension, via the track "Buried Silence" full of bombastic atmosphere and the incredible "Curse" track, both unveiling a nostalgia that I've never sensed in ICE AGES before. Additional energy is to be spotted on "Through The Mirror" too, while on "Regret", rhythmicity dominates a completely industrialized sound. A truly beautiful album!
One that has to be listened in the headphones, because otherwise the message turns paler, and the music might be perceived as repetitive and weary.
I for one keep my headphones on...