ILLNATH "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure"

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ILLNATH "Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure"
  • Album: Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: WORLD CHAOS
  • Artist: 
  • Denmark

FLAGELLATION was the initial name of the band, in 1997, and after many changes in the line up, they came to release the debut at the Japanese label. I don't think I could find there a better or more accurate clone to CRADLE OF FILTH! I'd say that the melodic part of the entertaining Black Metal seems to be more insistent and there is a real picture of various spicy sequences (abundant keyboard, female vocals, choral echoes), which cannot do else but to shock the fans of extreme music. There is much colour in the booklet as well, full of sparkling elements, therefore, there is about Majestic Black Metal in superlative notes! Well... as far as originality is concerned, I must say that the Danes are pretty poor... like many other bands in the actual Metal scene. For a debut, I must say, you should definitely listen to it!;