IMHOTEP "issue 9"

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IMHOTEP "issue 9"
  • Album: issue 9
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Everybody must know already that this very magazine is the closest to my heart than any other, especially since Roy and I started almost in the same time. Facing various synoptic times and lots of more or less accomplished promises... many years have passed and here I am writing about issue #9. Featuring an exceptional graphics (the same Lars Jamne), the last outcome of the Norwegian seems to be the most professional, from all points of view: professional reviews, elegant long profound and very interesting interviews with bands such as: ABORYM, BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, KAMELOT, MADDER MORTEM, SECRETS OF THE MOON, SHINING and SOLEFALD. It is sad to notice there are fewer reviews than in times before (around 125) and there is no shade of press reviews or demo reviews while the photos are extremely large like if he intended to cover as much as possible the extra space left. As far as the graphics and imagery are concerned I think it is OK, which is not the same for information which got "thinner and thinner", not exactly what we got used with during the years. For the most "reliable" buyers or readers it has been "invented" a weird "reward" so that if they want to read some interviews entirely or some more reviews they have to access his website and write a password (which can be found through the magazine's pages...) and there is: complete information! Issue #10 was featured solely on internet while for issue #11 (printed) it seems there are some firm data for the end of this year. I know Roy has built a nucleus of 15 collaborators (amongst whom I actually partially may number myself!) in order to be sure that the magazine shall go on no matter what. All in all, it is an underground magazine which shouldn't miss any collection of real fans of extreme Metal. R.K., Hauketovn. 5B, 1266 Oslo , Norway , ,