IMMORTAL REMAINS "Everlasting Night"

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IMMORTAL REMAINS "Everlasting Night"
  • Album: Everlasting Night
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Do you like CRADLE OF FILTH, DISSECTION or HECATE ENTHRONED? Then you can now try this German clone that comes with nothing original, with nothing that can set it aside from these two bands. Keeping the standard, the five Germans approach an aggressive Dramatic Black Metal with a lot of atmosphere created by the keyboard and a voice that manages to copy quite well Dani Filth’s voice inflections! The drums are used to release a sound that makes for a continuous noise, same with the guitars! It doesn’t sound all that bad this Black Metal, but I don’t think that it can turn someone’s world upside down either, now, ten years after this style came into the eyes of the media!