IMPALED NAZARENE "Pro Patria Finlandia"

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IMPALED NAZARENE "Pro Patria Finlandia"
  • Album: Pro Patria Finlandia
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

After fifteen years of activity and eight albums, the five Finns are now presenting a new material, probably one of their weakest releases! If we concentrate over the instrumental performance we'll be able to spare some words of praise, but when we get to the conceptual, originality or inspirational level there are no terms for expressing my disillusionment.

I came to the point of listening to an infantile and linear mix of Black Thrash and Speed Metal, with aggressive vocals, extremely energetic guitar riffs, explosive, but wearisome rhythm! Nothing original, zero distinction: KREATOR would get envious on such an album! Not to mention MARDUK or MOTORHEAD! Even the Punk echoes from the previous albums (disturbing for my ears) have vanished! Sad...