IMPERIUM DEKADENZ "Dammerung der Szenarien"

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IMPERIUM DEKADENZ "Dammerung der Szenarien"
  • Album: Dammerung der Szenarien
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Nice digipack, quality sound and mixing, bombastic Black Metal saturated in Northern influences, well conceived, excellently executed! I was even on the way of wondering if the members aren't Norwegians! And I am pleasantly surprised as solely two musicians have been able to create such an album! Certain sequences are melancholic, others are furious, some even enhance Doom Metal frames, there are aggressive voices and extremely rapid guitars: this duet's sound is special! It came into my understanding that they have another album, yet I haven't listened to it so I won't hazard into comparisons. I only know that I've truly enjoyed listening to this material, despite an acute lack of originality! I am sure that for the current Black Metal fans IMPERIUM DEKADENZ will represent a highly promising name!