IN THE WOODS "Live At The Caledonienhall"

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IN THE WOODS "Live At The Caledonienhall"
  • Album: Live At The Caledonienhall
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This life brought me plenty of moments of regretting things I did or I actually hadn't chance to do and amongst such I can number the fact I couldn't go to the farewell concert of these fantastic musicians! What can I tell you about almost three hours of music otherwise you all know (except 2-3 tracks), which in a live performance has a different expression? There is no point to say that many tunes are so much different from the studio version and so are the vocals or that some tracks, which used to be brutal come out in an altered silhouette... because it would be no good and understood to be like that. If this music fascinated you once then I believe that you shouldn't miss this release for your collection! I feel it is my duty to inform you which formula was IN THE WOODS... on the evening of 29th December 2000: Mista Tranzit (voc), C:M Botteri (bass), X-Botteri (g), A. Kobro (dr), Christer A. Cederberg (g), Oddvar A:M (g), Bjorn (g), Synne (voc), Stein (bass). Through "Closing In" track, Jan Transit actually features a farewell to the fans and obviously in many languages! But why don't you try to listen to it live? The CD is worth all the money if we mention that you might enjoy as well (as a bonus) a compilation of bands close to IN THE WOODS... such as STILLE OPPROR, TRANSIT, NAERVAER or HUGE BROWN. IN THE WOODS... are dead-long live Karmakosmetix!