IN VAIN "The Latter Rain"

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IN VAIN "The Latter Rain"
  • Album: The Latter Rain
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: INDIE
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I am completely stirred up! Being able to listen to an album for over sixty minutes and not sensing wearisome at all, on the contrary, turning eager for listening to it three more times, to savour at ease all the sequences that seemed at the first audition to unreel far too soon... well, that's something that I haven't experienced in a long time! These young Norwegians are truly talented! Even though the influences' agglomeration induces confusion, the musical concept is indeed a remarkable one! Would it be fair to be called Progressive Black Death Metal? I have no idea!

Yet it seems too little to be said about this very music! We've got everything on this album: Death, Black, Grind, Hardcore, Atmospheric, Progressive, Jazz, Melancholic, all sorts of voices that sing and yowl in every possible way, plus the guitars that make me wander from DIMMU BORGIR all the way to YNGWIE or IN THE WOODS...; moreover there are voices either bursting into aggressiveness or turning torpid within nostalgia and melancholia, plus the fascinating keyboard, that, despite the fact it isn't continuous, conducts the sound in a certain way... no, no... it's difficult to detail the entire diversity of scents that this music unveils! As marketing elements, the young musicians invited on this very album two reputed vocalists from Kristiansand (Jan K. Transit and Kjetil Nordhus) to participate, and I can say for sure that the sequences on which we can witness their presence are the most expressive ones.

Nevertheless, we are dealing with hazy fragments too, some of them quite intricate and hard to comprehend, but, essentially, this very album seems to me as being one of this year's utter inspired albums! Despite the fact these Norwegians have chosen to prove us their ability to approach a high diversity of musical styles, I am waiting for the future album to bring out the value that is to be added to the Metal scene.