Indian Fall "Pathfinder"

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Indian Fall "Pathfinder"
  • Album: Pathfinder
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: PROMUSIC
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Oahhh! A new surprise is coming from Romania! Last year I listened to and saw these Brasov people at the Buzau festival yet, by far, I could not imagine they are capable so well of conceiving and performing such tracks! I might be subjective and it finally could be in my account if listening to what I like. INDIAN FALL presents now their debut and I want you to be sure it is in deed worthy! I found out a track that attracted me from the first time and which proved that these young musicians are not limited at all, on contrary, their musical specter is exceedingly assorted and inspired. You should carefully listen to "The Same Deep Dark Age" in order to realize that Dark Metal can easily embrace different forms in spite of the fact they declared themselves disciples of Black Gothic Atmospheric. If I had to enter more details, I would say that INDIAN FALL sound is based on an avant-garde configuration, an appreciatively flourishing arrangement of dissimilar styles delineating in abundance the main characteristics of melodiousness, aggressiveness as well as of nostalgia and sadness. The guitars' solos are fascinating (a very talented guy!), the keyboard is rather connected to a meditative dimension yet elegantly faces the aggressive Black passages...well, and the voice is mostly destructive, throaty and screaming as well even if during certain parts might become "hymnic", imposing, low-voiced or clear rather whispering like Castor's/GOD. The instrumental pretty simple and rather monotonous track "Late October" turn loose a definite romantic aura with melancholic reminiscences. "Still Raining In My Dreams" seems to be a successful sequence and thus I discover I prefer the elongated tracks (over six minutes each). It is noteworthy, although influenced by fashionable styles, the fact these Romanians could originally combine all these guiding marks putting forward a large scale of musical influences. "Dreams are Followed" appears to be the most characteristic track of their style and perhaps as well the most complex one, while on the rest of the tracks they simply experienced more or less Black and Gothic Metal. I almost forgot, inside "Breathing", Mircea's keyboard imitates a traditional instrument, Pandean pipe, in such manner that the passage arrives to an amazing musical note! I detect that I only pointed the good aspects while the negative ones I did not touch. Well, I find rather too brusque the transition from lento to aggressive openings since the contrast is not as harmonious as the five probably desired. I am pretty sure that a straight orientation towards Dark and Atmospheric might raise a more appropriate mood for the listener since Black seems to be just the band's caprice which they wanted to turn into an immediate advantage, pretty well yet less originally. In other words, Black Metal parts, although modern melodious and atmospheric bring nothing new and cannot be distinguished as well as the rest of the sound. I also should mention that "Things That I" first tunes introduce a soprano frame, which is a positive aspect that needs to be studied for future compositions. The booklet design follows the same perfect line as the album's and that is why I see no reason for you not to acquire in a hurry this debut. It really is worthy!