INGER DE FIER "A Taste Of The Things To Come"

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INGER DE FIER "A Taste Of The Things To Come"
  • Album: A Taste Of The Things To Come
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

This is the first autochthon Electro-Industrial project I ever listened to and it doesn't sound bad at all! What is here is not complete and not mastered but it is enough to make an idea regarding the sound. Inger Alb (MAGICA) and Bat (INTERITUS DEI) presents a synthetic sound based on programming and explosive rhythmic riffs. The effects hidden on the background tend to become one with Metal tunes and the Electro note seems to fit well. The Industrial shadows are rather too pale and I must say that not featuring vocals at all actually turns INGER DE FIER into a too experimental project and even simplistic and linear. The four parts of this demo develops a theme close to the concept of men-machine, cyborg...the perfect hybrid. If the two decide to diversify a little the present effect while guitars to insist on following various passages in additional with vocals, well, I am sure this band shall make a point in an instant. Until is heard and spoken about...and this is,