•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.72/1
  • Album: Samaya
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

I must be by far outstripped by reality! I must confess, these two Italians, with their third album, bring out a strange kind of music...belonging to a SF world! Why so?! Let's say this shape of Symphonic Gothic Metal is a twisted one, beyond and in spite of any logics, abruptly passing from fast Black sequences full of explosive acoustic phases exploring Ambient/Ethereal and even Classical realms...having on background opera vocals. The whole sound seems to be veiled into a poetic aura, with plenty introspective passages, full with meditative shadows. Actually, I don't understand why Luca and Leonardo did not focus solely on the symphonic elevation or...on the Metallic one! As it is right now...this mix of stylistic touches does not inspire me at all...I see neither seriousness...nor sanctuary in such musical approach! I might be wrong! Anyway, keyboard and piano continuously fill in the atmosphere...discharging a feeling of boredom or of weirdness. There is a tribute, 100% dedicated to classical music, in "Elagiacus In Re Min" track...which is grave on one hand and sad...monotonous on the other hand. The video is pretty "colored" but in lack of straight message...only choreography! With all my respect for the musicians' effort I still must say I am disappointed. I find odd that many reviews pointed out this album in a great light...I think I hope to be the only one to be wrong...judging/rating the material like this!