INSOMNIUM "In The Halls Of Awaiting"

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INSOMNIUM "In The Halls Of Awaiting"
  • Album: In The Halls Of Awaiting
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Finland can be proud of many young bands dedicated to Melodic Death Metal style and INSOMNIUM is just one of them. Founded in 1997, the band records, after two years, its first demo, pretty well quoted in "Terrorizer" magazine, and a year right after the second material is released: "Underneath The Moonlit Waves" demo, due to which they actually signed a contract with the British label. Although nothing distinguishes INSOMNIUM from classic bands, there is certain full of melody and rhythm atmosphere preserving as well rage and violence and it seems like guitars' tunes remind me of first AMORPHIS' album! The throaty voice is very appropriate to such style while the battery, although rather simplistic, actually confers a perfect synchronisation with guitars. This debut, in reality, presents a sample of quality recital, with a smart well mixed that in the end it grants you with a vision towards the frozen lands and the thousand lakes. A different kind of AMORPHIS debut but in a whole new millennium!