•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.81/1
  • Album: Unholy
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: PROMUSIC
  • Artist: 
  • Russia

First of all..., both ambition and devotion towards this style of these musicians are noteworthy! If the former album managed to be quite big disappointment for me, the new one has a completely changed appearance of an entertainment higher level. Unfortunately the sound and mixing are modest despite of an exceptional execution. There is Heavy Metal energy in the guitars; the atmospheric keyboard fills the background and the battery frequently splits the rhythm starting from fast and violent to melodic and comestible. The female voice sends to opera while the male one is as aggressive as ever. I don't really know why but the voices duet doesn't please me at all, on contrary it bothers me. And to be more correct there is too much of opera for Metal and less of Gothic for the Death inflections. Shortly: a viola intelligently played, oriental roots, profound Epic touches, Symphonic, Gothic, Heavy, Doom and Death Metal. "Unholy" is a well structured album on diverse Metal segments but too knotty for Heavy Metal and excessively violent for Gothic...To translate: a kind of atmospheric Gothic Death with abundant female vocals (out of any recent cliché). Is it as good as it gets? We'll see about that. In my eyes, the album is nothing more or less than another exponent of autochthon scene, remarkable for Romania but modest for the rest of the world. I admit that live the band impresses differently and better reaching admiration. A first-rate track is "Queen Of The Undead"!