Isole "Born From Shadows"

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Isole "Born From Shadows"
  • Album: Born From Shadows
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

This Swedish quartet is celebrating 20 years of artistic activity, even though they first started out under the name FORLORN. They also took a considerable break, but they resumed working back in 2003. 2006 was the year when they released “Forevermore” and that’s when the scene started paying attention to them. “The Beyond” followed and then “Throne of Void” – album which motivated the famous Austrian label Napalm Records to offer them a record deal. “Silent Ruins” came out in 2009 and it’s been highly appreciated by most of the Doom Metal press.

The new album might confuse lovers of Epic Doom Metal. I mean that if you were always into that clear sound that SOLITUDE AETURNUS or CANDLEMASS delivered, with their clean vocals and calm rhythms, you might be a little surprised with the new ISOLE. The band has demonstrated they can do the classic approach, and that’s probably why they’ve build themselves a pretty decent fan base, but now they seem to have inserted some Mournful Dark connections, growling vocals and aggressive riffs, especially when the drums and guitars are concerned. Therefore we have an album trying somehow to blend two different styles, and the end result sounds surprisingly well. I am just happy the musicians didn’t go on repeating the same old Epic cliché for ever. The previous albums can always be the solution for the more conservative fans of Doom Metal. They might even enjoy some new tracks like: “Black Hours”, “Come To Me” and especially the gorgeous ballad “My Angel”. The Swedes are striving to bring something new to the table by blending varied stylistically influences and not letting you get bored for a second (maybe they do break the contemplation state characteristic of those accords). The alternation between growling and clean vocals, even the overlappings bring a special charm to this new sound – a sound that blends Funetal, Death and a lot of Dark in the vein of TRISTITIA! The music has it all: dynamics, rhythm, melody, atmosphere, all within the boundaries of the Doom concept, which is a musical style that still appeals to a small amount of fans. The 55 minutes have provided me with real relaxation and allowed me to go back in time, because the 7 seconds reminded me sometimes of the melancholy of “Into the Depths of Sorrow” or of the depression from “As the Flowers Withers” and “One with Darkness”. I am not referring here to the musical style per se, but to the audio perception.