Isole "Silent Ruins"

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Isole "Silent Ruins"
  • Album: Silent Ruins
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

This band started its activity the beginning of the ‘90s under the name of FORLORN (not to confused with the Norwegian band). Their approach was an Epic Doom Metal, with Saint Vitus or SOLITUDE AETURNUS Doom influences. Despite of their years of existence, the band became more visible after 2005, once they have started making it to the festivals. This is how three more albums were released in a space of four years: “Forevermore”, “Throne Of Void” and “Bliss of Solitude”. The forth album continues the already established Doom Metal line, ISOLE now being the Swedish answer to REVEREND BIZARRE. A nice album, without special elements, but one that deserves its listeners!