JACK FROST "Abusing Uglysex Ungod"

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JACK FROST "Abusing Uglysex Ungod"
  • Album: Abusing Uglysex Ungod
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: WAB
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

What else can be said or written regarding JACK FROST? It is more than a well known band thanks to the four albums released so far ("Eden", "Elsewhere", "Glow Dying Sun" and "Gloom Rock Asylum") plus lots of gigs all over Europe. What makes the difference next to the former ones? Perhaps the Doom Metal side is slightly shadowed inside Rock valences but the Gothic background is as cold and sinister as ever while slow timbre of male voice points out to first TYPE O NEGATIVE album. In different words, Melodic Gothic Rock of these four musicians is as Dark as ever but more Heavy and rhythmic so that it actually turns this album into a vivid point of attraction even for those who agreed not such sonorities. Personally, I do prefer their first albums as they were rather more "isolated" and inaccessible while this very melodiousness really scares me...