KADENZZA "Into The Oriental Phantasma"

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KADENZZA "Into The Oriental Phantasma"
  • Album: Into The Oriental Phantasma
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • Japan

Extreme Metal in the most accurate conduct! I couldn't explain exactly what they perform, but I can assure you instead that it is damn original! They define themselves to have approached a Grand Sympho Kamikaze Metal style! If up to me, I'd say that the Metal fury comes from those riffs in Y. Malmsteen manner or the tunes EMPEROR-like reaching even technical rhythms in MEKONG DELTA style or progressive ones. The keyboard is definitely intelligently used and the aggressive vocals alternate with Heavy ones putting forth an incendiary atmosphere! It is a weird musical approach but since Japan is not exactly a Metal land we can regard KADENZZA as an exotic experience, a pretty nice one and yet full of mystery!