KAMPFAR "Heimgang"

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KAMPFAR "Heimgang"
  • Album: Heimgang
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

I know Dolk, the vocalist, since 15 years ago, when he was trying to introduce, next to a few other bands, the Heathen / Pagan / Black Metal Folk side into the Scandinavian Metal. He released about 2 MCDs and 2 very interesting albums that were well received by fans! Following these, the band broke up. After a significant break, Thomas and Dolk resume this project and along with Jon and II13 record a new album, "Kvass", launched in 2006. I didn’t really find the album to be too inspired, although the Northern Folk echoes were easily recognizable. The four are now back with another album, one that is put together a lot better, more expressive, with a voice that is more powerful and resonant, with more melodic and even epic guitar solos, everything is more concise and better structured, only now proving that KAMPFAR is a respectable Black Metal band! I probably would have liked more diversity in their tracks, but at least I can enjoy the fact that I can listen to an album interpreted in an irreproachable manner, even if it has no other outstanding elements.