KARNAK "Melodies Of Sperm Composed"

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KARNAK "Melodies Of Sperm Composed"
  • Album: Melodies Of Sperm Composed
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Nothing interesting and neither much of a surprise for me. KARNAK shall not enchant either those who rather prefer extreme brutality or the ones with more domestic and atmospheric tastes. I am afraid I have not any idea of what these four Italians intended to prove on this album...The sound looks like Death Metal, so are the voices but the sinister keyboard doesn't fit here. We might say it is rather a mixture of ATHEIST, SUFFOCATION, NOCTURNUS and MACABRE-absolutely distastefully conceived and interpreted. The lyrics are sick as well or let's say just extreme... I simply observe there is nothing that I've heard or read to be on my taste. If I had to name the quartet's music I just think about Morbid Records as it would have been another appropriate label for the band. From time to time I distinguish Grind or Jazz parts exactly as if they planed their sound to be a parody addressed to all Death Metal fans. I might affirm that such music could indulgently be defined as Experimental Technical Death Metal. There is a notable fact namely the label's endeavor to present a multimedia CD, full of technical data and quality images. . karnakdeath@freemail.it.