KATATONIA "Dance Of December Souls (REISSUE)"

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KATATONIA "Dance Of December Souls (REISSUE)"
  • Album: Dance Of December Souls (REISSUE)
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

I remember it was in 1992 when I first listened to KATATONIA! "Jhva Elohim Meth" MCD foreshadowed me that the two Swedes (Blackheim and Lord Seth) will make a difference in that Metal scene, mostly a Death Metal one back those times. Even if KATATONIA debuted as a Death Metal band, this very EP disclosed me a distinct side in the Swedes musical views, one unveiling melodic influences, probably inspired by PARADISE LOST. In fact, throughout a somehow unprecedented approach, based on a Doom Death Metal structure, consisting in plenty of Atmospheric but also unwinding a hypnotic melancholia, KATATONIA truly exploded with this very debut, released in 1993!

This is one of the most beautiful Dark Metal albums ever!!! I'd wish to believe that you can imagine the ascending feeling that I've just experienced, relistening now to "Tomb of Insomnia", "Velvet Thorns" or "Gateways of Bereavement"! Moreover, on this release has also participated the bassist Israphel Wing, while in the background Dan Swano elegantly landed his mark via the keyboard and through the mixing process, all making the delight of this very album, alongside the guitars' cry! I salute Peaceville's decision into reissuing this jewel, especially as now the digipack edition also includes as a bonus their first EP which I've mentioned above.

I still don't understand how come their most appreciated album continues to be "Brave Murder Day"! For me, this very debut remains the best KATATONIA album, despite the fact their last two releases seem to enjoy a fabulous success, particularly as the sound became more alternative, more melodious, evenly Gothic/Rock and lacked in any Dark underground scent! Either I am too nostalgic, or the album is a masterpiece... My choice has been done, what about yours?