KATATONIA "The Great Cold Distance"

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KATATONIA "The Great Cold Distance"
  • Album: The Great Cold Distance
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Each time I pronounce or write the name of these Swedish I cannot but shiver down my spine! Why? Because "Dance Of The December Souls" continues to leave a mark on my existence and, even though it triggers the bitter taste of a commercial touch ever since the release of it, "Brave, Murder, Day" remains a collection album! Nevertheless, let's concentrate upon the present! KATATONIA continues the direction of the previous album, in which the mixture of Rock, Goth and Pop/Alternative is essential, maybe revigorated now by more stressed tendencies towards Progressive! Still, they are so far away from OPETH! Even though the vocal sounds perfectly, I can't distinguish any trace of roughness, of extreme Metal, of wrath... Everything is atmospherical, rhythmic, with a variety of successful and inspired tempo breakings, with guitar solos and Heavy riffs...all presented in an outrageous commercial manner. This is a perfect album for claiming the first positions in the tops, for tour promotions, for raising the adrenaline, ultimately for fun! But not at all fit for insight, for solitary and unique introspection! I cannot help myself insisting upon the exquisite rendition and production, which sets apart the album as a collection piece for the music fans! I listened to it several times, but, honestly, this Pop/Rock/Goth style with shy and cautious Extreme Metal reminiscences doesn't satisfy me, despite the Dark dimension meant to enhance the whole sound! I definitely prefer the beginning of KATATONIA's history! Just as I do in the PARADISE LOST's case! Of course, I am subjective and extremely severe with a band I tremendously care about! To many of you the album may seem a bomb, a masterpiece! It will probably earn the success it deserves, financially speaking too! I wonder what happened with the depressing and sad underground aura, so obvious in the history of KATATONIA legend?