KATATONIA "Viva Emptiness"

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KATATONIA "Viva Emptiness"
  • Album: Viva Emptiness
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Nothing too interesting on the Nordic camp! The great-expected album has been released but by far, I am not in euphoric terms for the feedback. It is too alternative for Metallic people and too noisy for melodic Rock fans...Vocals are exactly what you cannot but notice from the first instance, yet there is nothing else. The Dark note continues to persist in the Swedish tunes; there is a sad sober atmosphere but here from to grand the album with praising marks, there is a huge step! Simplistic guitar tunes, lots of scratches in contrast with a depressive atmosphere created by the keyboard, a boring rhythm for the drums, plenty openings with repetitive elements, all these gather together in a common shape which single merit is to really make you sleep (some fans might name such meditation). I stick with my opinion namely: "Brave Murder Day" is KATATONIA's best album, while the rest of the materials are rather too impregnated with the fashionable melodic and superficial influences that came along over the years. I would like to conclude just that this very album is a very modest one if we compare it with other KATATONIA releases but definitely not if we compare it with other recent metallic releases.

The rating I have made might say all about it.