KATRA "Beast Within"

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KATRA "Beast Within"
  • Album: Beast Within
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Not long has passed since Tarja left NIGHTWISH and now we are dealing with a serious replica to what once has been the legendary Finnish band. With a voice to envy, Katra Solopuro is the one person thanks to whom the KATRA sound differentiates itself from other NIGHTWISH clones! Very powerful, full of energy, and with an imposing timbre, KATRA’s vocalizations finely mix with the bombastic Gothic Metal sounds, even if it seems to be far too much influenced by Classical Rock. It becomes obvious that the musicians have previously performed in bands like WHITESNAKE or RAINBOW – something that could turn out to be the only weakness, from my point of view. On the other hand, this is the sole way KATRA differs from the old NIGHTWISH… and why not, they could end up having great success with the general audiences that are less interested in the Dark scene anyway, allowing Rock to pleasantly tickle the ears that are eagerly asking for rhythm and melody. There are plenty of Folk influences too, a Northern album by excellence, one showing an authenticity of its own, despite the vast NIGHTWISH harmonies… But what is there to do… they both come from the same land, and the traditional elements are the same! All together, we have a very well conceived and executed debut, full of atmosphere, energy, rhythm, of everything that you could wish for, with a very elegant female voice, around which all the instruments gravitate. The keyboard is played insistently, and the guitars’ effect seems to have a sense of its own, enhancing the sound that could blow away every single rocker, no matter the boredom level embracing him/her! I’m sure that this quintet will get recognition sooner than they are expecting to! www.katra.fi