KAUAN "Kuu..."

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KAUAN "Kuu..."
  • Album: Kuu...
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Russia

I’ve been waiting for some time for the new album of the talented Anton Belov, especially since changing the label seemed a pretty logical thing to do. For those who don’t know, the band has released 3 full length albums, up until now, in their 6 years of existence. The first two records managed to dazzle the entire Doom Folk Metal scene, as tracks like "Lumikuuro" or "Tietajan Laulu" were being held as references by every lover of melancholic tunes. "Aava Tulunen Maa" was the album that approached a new form of expression and broke definitively the boundaries of Metal, or better said the work produced at the end of the year 2009 laid the road (with no return) between Metal and the atmospheric/ambiental. 

I’d have to say we have an original piece of Atmospheric Post-Rock with Folk Rock touches on our hands, a version of which can’t be boxed up into the classic experimental frame, used by bands from the genre. Anton, who’s just 20 years old, managed to reunite in 2009, under the same banner, fans of MY DYING BRIDE, MONO and of Pagan/Folk, which is, I have to say, pretty remarkable. I have a lot of admiration for this interesting artist and my curiosity had reached maximum levels, especially since I did not know what to expect… Well, after the first audition I can’t say I was blown away… the sounds seemed softer, calmer, diluted and breathable. The four tracks are quite long, but I think the album could have had 45 minutes overall. But, as I dug deeper into details, the fragility of the sound, overcame me. The piano builds up a melancholic lofty aura, while the violin of the talented Lubov Musnikova touches the nostalgic side and the vast array of sounds directed by the keyboards make "Kuu..." a superb track… and I am not counting the gorgeous and grandiose guitar riffs. 

Anton’s voice has the same grave tone to it, accompanied by the characteristic sad aroma (their lyrics are in Finnish) while the female one is trying to warm up the depressive, dark and distant sound. The emotions exhaled are unique, allowing you to day dream, to discover your inner self or to reinvent yourself. I can’t say it’s more epic or more expressive that its predecessor, especially since “Kuu…” follows the trend of the 2009 album, therefore we find no actual structural changes, although this album seems more introverted and private. If I think of the diversity of music Anton composes (INEA, HELENGARD), I am fairly sure this album will be the last one following this line as the echoes of the KAUAN albums are evident just in several passages, the others being full of innovation and originality. 

If you’ll ever listen to KAUAN it’s impossible you won’t recognize them again, because the feeling of rarity is probably the most beautiful thing the two Russians could boast about. To be highlighted that the new material was recorded fully with real instruments, without the help of the computer, like in the past. Initially, I was thinking of describing each of the four songs, but I found it difficult because in my mind, we’re talking about a single song, chopped up in four different pieces, so it would be easier to assimilate. I think it’s a huge mistake for the concept of such a beautiful album, which does not blind itself but hides an aura full of emotions, an aura, discreet in assertion but obsessive in perception. KAUAN’s music is really sending a BEAUTIFUL message and I am sure this album will be put aside by the dark melancholic fan in the drawer dedicated to special albums. It seems that the spell of the moon delivered its prophecy…

Audio track: Ikuinen Junan Kulku.