KAYNO YESNO SLONCE "Elohim neva senzu"

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KAYNO YESNO SLONCE "Elohim neva senzu"
  • Album: Elohim neva senzu
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Bulgaria

Veselin Mitov returns with a new Epic Ambient work, one saturated in Bulgarian soundscapes, full of folklore, continuously emphasizing traditional instruments like gaida or the kaval that harmoniously match an excellent percussion. Comparatively the previous album, "Chakrak", now Veselin also enhances a vocal line, creating a monumental atmosphere! If it is pure folklore, if there is something else too, it really doesn't matter! I can state for sure, that this music, experimental for the musical scene I promote, is sublime! Everything is archaic, all veiled in traditions and totally unrelated to time! Less mystical than the previous one, yet more accessible due to the inserted vocal parts, this album is a genuine reward for those wishing to make a musical journey within the Bulgarian folkloric realm!