KHOLD "Masterpiss Of Pain"

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KHOLD "Masterpiss Of Pain"
  • Album: Masterpiss Of Pain
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: MOONFOG
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Ohhhhhhhh! What huge surprise! I have never even heard of this band until now! It seems like Moonfog is quite good at hitting upon new talents even if orientated towards old Black Metal fashion. If you feel like listening to DARK THRONE, HELLHAMMER or BATHORY in a fresh adaptation, well, KHOLD is available for you. The evil misanthropic atmosphere surrounds the entire album and, as if it was not enough, the black voice throws your heart out into a sinister morbid darkened world. Excellent sound! Although there is nothing original, KHOLD fascinated me from the very first tunes and I am so excited there are still a few courageous ones who dare venturing to compose music that is not on the top of actual preferences. I would say the four Norwegians play a Grim Norse Black Metal. The bass is rather dominant; that is why the sound impression is extremely grave and cold while the lyrics are in Norwegian language, which is the mother tongue of Old Black Metal. All in all, Gard, Rinn, Eikind and Sarke are not some anonymous since they collaborated with various bands such as OLD MAN'S CHILD, TULUS, VALHALL or DEATH MISSION. In deed, I was obsessed by these tunes and had no idea why. Well, if you liked STRID, or in better words the legendary EP, then KHOLD shall straightly touch your hearts.