KHOLD "Morke Gravers Kammer"

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KHOLD "Morke Gravers Kammer"
  • Album: Morke Gravers Kammer
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

We can say that ex-TULUS quite had some luck since in three years only managed to release under this very new name exactly three albums. Right after two albums at Moonfog, the new material is released under a British label, Candlelight; perhaps this was possible especially since EMPEROR has parted away. I think this time as well, we talk about a genuine Norwegian Black Metal wile Grim or Raw notes alternates in a common manner even if professionally conceived; there are as well extremely aggressive vocals, super-fast guitars and mad battery. I find stupid to insist on the sound's stylistic features especially since there always have been Nordic bands to clone DARK THRONE or EMPEROR. Probably a remark of this type: "True Norse Black Metal" might just perfectly complete KHOLD sonorous atmosphere! If we are to gaze at the full side of the glass we might agree that KHOLD is a fine sample of accurate Black Metal... but how many are today to be fond on classic Black Metal, which used to kick asses... ten years ago?!