KHVARENA "The Spirit Rises Of God "

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KHVARENA "The Spirit Rises Of God "
  • Album: The Spirit Rises Of God
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: PROJEKT
  • Artist: 
  • France

I admit that every single sonority that brings DEAD CAN DANCE in my mind conquers my interest more than everything else. Even though we are dealing with a debut, the band members are real professionals, some of them known to me for quite a long time. Therefore, Jeanne and Fabrice Lefebvre (RAJNA) decided to release another Ethno project and co-opted Francesco Banchini, the talented Italian reputed for several collaborations, for example GOR and ATARAXIA. I cannot describe you how majestic and mystic can be the audition of instruments like clarinet, saz, zurna, bendir, riq, derbouka, santoor, medieval flute, tampura, udu, crotal, bouzouki all together! Beside that, we have two hallucinating voices, reciting lyrics of a Persian poet from the X century! The contrast of these two excellent voices assay into enlivening Lisa & Brendan, and they succeed into a fairyland atmosphere, through a more festive and ritualistic approach comparing to the one of DCD. It is a journey within the Middle East, towards the faraway origins, maybe even ours, completely transcending the present! If you wish, I've always said that RAJNA lacks the accent on a masculine voice.

Well, choosing to collaborate with Francesco seems inspired to me and I sense a great future under this particular banner! We can solely remark true musicians, professionals, passionate, talented and inspired ones! If Ethno Heavenly voices interests you, do not miss KHVARENA! The digipack has a particular beauty, so we are definitely dealing with a collection piece!