KLABAUTAMANN "Our Journey Through the Woods"

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KLABAUTAMANN "Our Journey Through the Woods"
  • Album: Our Journey Through the Woods
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

German Metal scene is jam-packed of modest bands that actually do nothing else but to copy other bands' style and their luck is to be born in a powerfully developed country as far as the musical industry is regarded so that they come to reach great advantageous deals in a very short while. A partial exception might be this very duet as it builds up a very well arranged and intelligent Black Metal with many acoustic guitars and atmospheric passages. Their music oscillates somehow between Raw Primitive Black Metal and Melodic Metal and it is rather knotty and complex with long elaborated tracks. The CD contains a professional booklet with an exquisite design and an extremely bizarre cover. We don't have here too many new elements or remarkable virtuosity! But I find pretty important that, after two modest demos, KLABAUTAMAN manages to bring up a modern material, extremely well conceived with an accurate sound and first rate mixing, qualities which should bring some concrete offers for the musicians. Time shall tell.