KORPIKLAANI "Spirit Of The Forest"

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KORPIKLAANI "Spirit Of The Forest"
  • Album: Spirit Of The Forest
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I really cannot understand this fashion with Folk Metal! After BATTLELORE and ASMEGIN, now, a new Nordic band makes its debut at the Austrian label. Under the name of FOREST CLAN, the six musicians have decided to handle all traditional instruments and then mixed them with Metal ones so that they came with a sound which was supposed to be the most authentic but I can't tell for sure if for a Folk ground or a Metal one. In fact, the idea belongs to Jonne Jarvella who started to play under SHAMAN banner. After a while, time of releasing two materials, Idja and Shamaniac, he decided to contact other talented musicians and to come out with a debut material. Therefore, we can hear, besides guitars and drums, flute, percussion, accordion, violin and jouhikko. The album doesn't sound bad at all but I can't see exactly what mood can induce such sonorities. Probably IN EXTREMO fashion is on top so that there are many clones to be produced all over the Europe . Most certainly, such sound, live, on the stage, must discharge lots of energies but when I come to discover Power echoes I realize this is not exactly my cup of tea! Or maybe it is just about my limitations?! But I cannot help noticing how impressive was the promotional campaign for this album and I think than maybe, somewhere in Europe , such music might have an impact! I only stop at the fact that both recording and execution are of first rate, the approach... it is something you should judge!