KRIEG "Destruction Ritual"

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KRIEG "Destruction Ritual"
  • Album: Destruction Ritual
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: Red Stream
  • Artist: 
  • United States

If I believe and understand for some musicians to affirm that the present Metal scene is infected with different kinds of deceitfulness, well, there are some I do despise. Impaler and Duane Timlin (SARCOPHAGUS, FOREST OF IMPALED) are ready to show us 11 torturing ugly Black Metal tracks, full of hate and primitivism, without effects or various tunes, just a simple linear and too tiresome sound for my ear. Gentlemen, in deed it is a repulsive Black Metal, with abrasive guitars and a drummer plugged in. Besides demos and re-arranged tracks ("Sono il Scherno" for example) KRIEG practically continues the second album line, "The Church", yet rather more violently than ever! This is a way too much for me! It is strange how angelic figures are included on the booklet... They really are sick and need medicine right now! If I ever wish for listening to old style Black Metal, I prefer DARK THRONE or JUDAS ISCARIOT. It seems like, in America, the trend of extreme underground Black Metal, without modern influence, has exploded and REDSTREAM simply is one of the labels that really supports such attitude. No comments...