KRODA "Fimbulvinter"

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KRODA "Fimbulvinter"
  • Album: Fimbulvinter
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Ukraine

To my shame, this is the first time I am listening to this duet! And there are plenty reasons for my regret, as the pure Black Metal that they're approaching is an excellently conceived and performed one! Not to say that I've felt in love with the CD's booklet as it is simply extraordinary! Images of Carpathian Mountains, wintered ones... Cold True Black Metal indeed! Even though they sing in their language, I can also read the lyrics' translation, standing as a proof for the fact that they're a conceptual band.

If I've also found terms alike Odin or Valhalla, that a completely different story, a disappointing one for me, but it seems to be still on vogue to use Northern Gods and Their runes as inspirational elements, no matter which country you are coming from! I see KRODA as the Ukrainian version of NEGURA BUNGET, as their music resembles NEGURA's first albums! Eisenslav voice has some similarities with Varg Vikerness's, but this one also reaches various inflections, even succeeding to stay in line on the extremely rapid sequences when the guitars dominate! In the background I can uncover traditional instruments, all sorts of whistles and other elements adding distinct vividness to this aggressive Black Metal which, aside from the battery that sounds rudimentary, is excellent. A true surprise this very band which, I solely now come into knowing, has already released some other albums, some say just as good as this one! About them, another time!