LABYRINTH OF ABYSS "The Cult OF Turul Pride"

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LABYRINTH OF ABYSS "The Cult OF Turul Pride"
  • Album: The Cult OF Turul Pride
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SUN AND MOON
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

As far as I know, this album was officially released on tape in 2004, and is now harboured in an elegant and professional CD, with a renewed layout, remastered, and includes a bonus video. More Thrash than Black Metal, the sound it is characterized by simple yet excellently executed guitar riffs, an unexpectedly valuable battery and an extremely brutal voice, reminding me of Attila (TORMENTOR/MAYHEM) or Andras (SEAR BLISS). Nothing new, nothing original... on the other and, given the fact that the sound is saturated with rhythm, I guess live performances turn successful for the three guys, moreover they obviously aren't novices even if before this very material they have no spectacular apparitions to refer to. Well, from KREATOR to DARK THRONE, there are plenty of comparable accords.