LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts"

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LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE "Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts"
  • Album: Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

What a band used to be this one! A pure depressive Doom Death Metal, a perfect reflection of MY DYING BRIDE! Times are bygone and, yet, striving against the commercial trend is just a trifling detail for the majority. The Dark scent is still present, but the new sound disappoints me, if I am to consider it as a bearer of the solemn, underground, sonorities!

To be more concise: are you looking for HIM, THE 69 EYES, SENTENCED or TYPE O'NEGATIVE? This album brings you plenty of them! The Germans' Pop/Rock is a very rhythmic one, incendiary for the live acts, full of melody, rhythm and atmosphere! You have 13 new tracks, easily suiting for MTV or other commercial TV channels as they cannot trouble anyone... eventually, on coffee break, you can pace your foot into their rhythms... and, this way, you witness how everyone in the coffee house metamorphose into rockers instantly! I guess even DEPECHE MODE's fans will enjoy these sonorities... The band abandoned the path of introvert messages, as their current wave hits towards the long awaited success... even though they are barely a HIM copy - paste, somehow lighter and plus melodious, rooted in SISTERS OF MERCY... despite the guitars still aiming to lure LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE's connection with the Metal dimension. Finally, listening to this album might be an inspired choice if you need to consume fast - food Rock!