•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.82/1
  • Album: Fassade
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Switzerland

The album standard timing includes another 10 minutes unlike this promo version that I have in my hands, which represent as well the eight tracks but shorter and artificially ended. But let us talk about the sound. Tilo Wolff turns back to the dark mysterious atmosphere he expressed (and used us with) inside his first albums giving now up that dynamic explosive Gothic-Rock, more than entertaining, that he featured since "Inferno" till "Elodia". Although he started again to collaborate with the Philharmonic, the tracks sound completely different. The melancholic shades alternate with deep romantic ones and tragic echoes embrace the dramatic parts. Tillo's voice is much more sober, rather sad, with literary intonations... while the guitars seem to overwhelm more obstacles and the piano is majestic. Ann's voice is as charming as ever ("Senses") while sopranos and choirs simply are at the right place... everything is growing up on symphonic background supported by multiple instruments which sole purpose is to fulfill the atmosphere.

I cannot say it is LACRIMOSA's best album because I think the sound is too complex and the ideas had not had the opportunity to reach perfect harmony so that there would not be any notion of time or breakage of reality, contemplation...not in just eight tracks. It is an elaborated album, excellently played yet without inspiration. I might be rather too subjective and hard on him but I simply cannot believe Tillo won't conceive another masterpiece at least as dramatic meditative and mystical as "Satura"! Until that day it is good to see that LACRIMOSA has come back leaving behind regularity and commercial aspects for those who are prefect for such. As a humble conclusion, "Fassade" hardly touches a certain level that can only be described by terms like fascinating, emotional or dreamlike.