•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 1.00/1
  • Album: Volk - DVD
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: Mute
  • Artist: 
  • Slovenia

Last year you’ve heard me saying that the LAIBACH gig was probably the best concert of my life! The event was organized in Bucharest, as a part of the tour promoting their new album “Volk”. My feeling was not necessarily due to imagery (even though the background projections were excellently connected to the LAIBACH concept), but to its intrinsic message! I’ve listened to the album for the first time at the concert, and I was ravished by these hymns interpreted in a unique manner! I was expecting to listen to “Tanz Mit Laibach”, “Life Is Life” or other more noisy tracks, to experience an industrialized show… But what did I get instead? 13 superb tracks, atmospheric, full of melody, the anthems of 13 countries, some of them processed in a dramatic form, close to apotheosis (America)... Then, Russia with a very melodic and full of pride sense of being Mother Land, an imposing Israel as it is the eternal land of wars between Israeli and Palestinians, Spain fully detached and conquistador like, then the full of romanticism Italy, Germany just as cold as the symbolized folk, Turkey and China introverted, a bombastic and arrogant England, a specific Japan, France saturated in culture and… maybe the nicest tracks of them all, quite different live than on its studio version, Slovenia, the best piece live. The last track from the first part of the concert ends with NSK, the anthem of their virtual country. The second part of the concert presents six earlier tracks, quite Industrial, where some female percussionists appear and fill in with savour this truly genius concert. Even though Eber’s voice apparently sounds dryer and more striking live that on the album, finally you have a great music, decently mixed, especially as the four are supported by the colleagues from SILENCE, whose synth sounds excellent, just as the background voices. The artists’ live attitude is remarkable too, everything is perfect with the band’s atmosphere. And so, we have 2 hours of LAIBACH on this DVD, more precisely, the complete recording of the March 2007 concert had at Trbovlje. I was surprised to see that the audience gathered people of all ages, proving once again that LAIBACH is a highly respected, appreciated and awesome band, one full of substance and messages of protest against the mistakes done in the world we live in, risking being associated with a band that supports and promotes extremist nationalist actions! That’s just the same way I’ve seen them in Bucharest, but unfortunately some of the people present there were more preoccupied into childishly highlighting themselves as being members of some Right Organizations. Pathetic! It’s sad to see that associations as such are done, when LAIBACH tries for years to peacefully support their ideas of love for their nation, for their people and the disgust towards the expansion and globalization of all commercial non-values of today. Well, after watching this DVD I’ve realized that LAIBACH sound identically both live and in studio (this could perhaps be the sole weak aspect), but I find a calming feeling in the thought that I can experience this concert whenever I want to, as it has become somewhat an obsession for me within the last year. Unfortunately, those who have not been to their concerts will not be able to perceive at maximum intensity the messages transmitted by this band… which is altogether cold/somber/distant during live performances, but also respectful to the audience!