•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.98/1
  • Album: Agape
  • Year: 2011
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

I was eagerly looking forward to this new material to see what Herbst is once again capable of, the one standing behind this interesting and innovative musical project. The fact that Neige is doing the vocals was for LANTLOS a real launch pad but, if we’re to be straight, the music itself is captivating.

The new material contains that detail I have never, am not and never approve of: it’s too short, only 35 minutes! Alright, no LANTLOS album was too generous with the tracks’ length or their number, but that was way too much! I understand perfectly what quality versus quantity means, I understand this was the whole LANTLOS concept at this time… but why wasn’t it announced as a MCD? Or maybe that’s only an obsession of mine… anyway, I can’t even deepen myself in the album’s dimension, for it comes to an end… The 5 tracks have that catchy vibe that immediately grabs you, even though they are quite diverse both as orientation and musical expression… It’s obvious it has some influences from ALCEST, but with the third album, Herbst manages to detach himself from any band from the new wave of Black Metal, even though Post-Rock, Jazz or Shoegaze influences are profusely present. LANTLOS is a spectacular, refined concept, a sort of Lounge Black Metal, with visible avant-garde references but also classical Metal riffs where the super aggressive voice outlines in an expressive way a music coming from another picture, slightly sequentially identifiable, but not as an unitary whole, in this form. I don’t know if this album is very different than the previous one, but it will surely please the one delighted by “.neon”. The Rock-Psychedelic aura seems to be way more existent on “Agape” and the musical introspection makes a good couple with the Dark print, dreary here, filled with rhythm and melody there. “Intrauterin” is a splendid sequence that inspiredly swings between force and melancholy, between aggressive Black Metal and pensive Post-Rock, the approx 10 minutes of music being a real journey in a universe known only by Herbst. “Bliss” seems to be the most representative and “clichéd” LANTLOS track from the album, while “Bloody Lips and Paper Skin” delights with the continuous and slightly linear Black Metal structure, just right to avoid seeming too long. “You Feel Like Memories” presents us an experimental approach, with  Bohren & Club del Gore-like Dark Jazz insertions, track that I don’t find too resonating live and the last one,  “Eribo-I Collect the Stars”, insists upon a simple, but oppressive melodic framework, just perfect for the neurons of those craving for diverse mixes and musical combinations. As for Neige’s voice, what can I say… extreme, screechy, angry! I somehow have my doubts for the live version, for LANTLOS won’t play with Neige… However, a peculiar album, worth adding to your collection!