LEGACY "issue 24, April/May, 2003 "

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LEGACY "issue 24, April/May, 2003  "
  • Album: issue 24, April/May, 2003
  • Year: 2003
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  • Germany

It would be a really stupid thing to criticize such magazine. Let's say for example it owns a three times larger amount of information than this very issue of Kogaionon and, beyond such, it is indeed a powerful magazine printed in thousands and thousands copies, with a certain commercial tendency definitely away from what Underground means! I've been writing about it because I actually found in it a review for mine and especially because the one who sent it to me must have considered a reasonable thing to exchange our works. I don't want to insist in many details, but I tell you this: if you know German language, you definitely shouldn't miss this publication! Everything is professionally conducted, first class, I'd say... and there are news and information in abundance... well, this goes as well for advertising, but I am sure it's all worth it, you can find as well catalogues plus a free CD. The magazine is published on a regular basis, once in two months and it contains approximately 20 interviews, hundreds of reviews, concert-reviews... In order to get an idea if it interests you or not I'll write down what interviews I found here: TYPE O NEGATIVE, SEPULTURA, KATATONIA, SOILWORK, ENSLAVED, HIM, BATHORY, DARK THRONE, DIMMU BORGIR, BLIND GUARDIAN... Indeed, the voice from the Dark Side!!! Richard Wagner Str.64, 66111 Saarbrucken , Germany , redaktion@legacy666.de