LES DISCRETS "Ariettes Oubliees"

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LES DISCRETS "Ariettes Oubliees"
  • Album: Ariettes Oubliees
  • Year: 2012
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • France

What a strange feeling! I found the previous ALCEST album a bit overshadowed by the LES DISCRETS debut, especially because the albums were released at the same time. And I say overshadowed because I think the first ALCEST was a real masterpiece (in the context of those times), while the second one was in search for a neat expression, in terms of experimenting, but not really convincing, except the ones who just met Neige’s project. LES DISCRETS seemed better structured both as dynamics and message, even as a concept. But this happened around 2 years ago. I was highly curious to hear both new albums in their studio version… and I’ve listened to them for more than a month, for many, many times.

Well, the new ALCEST comes with an entirely new direction, dreamier, more melancholic but also more melodic, with immediate impacts on the subconsious after a couple of careful auditions… I wrote about this here. Let me get to LES DISCRETS. After their concert at DBE 3, I created a general idea about Fursy’s new sound and I’ve been expecting him to keep exploring as many music styles as possible… And I must admit that Audrey’s frail voice has something that outlines and excellently identifies the French band’s originality.

Actually, the LES DISCRETS romance… Lighter and maybe more Wave than last year, the new album sharply reveals acoustic and Alternative Rock chords, less Metal and with more rhythm, but also less Dark than I expected. Hence my impression that LES DISCRETS created a various album, which encapsulates too many influences, beautifully processing and interpreting them… but it seems a bit too much for one single album! I don’t want to use the term “confusing”, but it’s clear that the new LES DISCRETS lacks that continuous meditative Epic aura that captivated so many listeners two years ago. This being said to be critical with a band I cherish both as music and people. If I would see things differently, then I could not notice the intro “Linceul D’hiver” that gets you ready for a new spectacular experience… same goes for “Le Mouvement perpetuel”, a very beautiful and dreamy track, already known from the single. The same atmospheric Shoegaze flavor is worn by the album’s song title, the guitars’ dimension seeming to hold the whole sound’s supremacy! I don’t find “La Nuit Muette” something unique or particular (except the vocals), the Pop Rock touch diluting the atmosphere that has just been created… “Au Crew De L’Hiver” seems to be filled with energy, but lacking substance… On the other hand, “La Traversee” is the album’s longest and most wrought sequence, but this doesn’t mean it’s also the most bombastic… it has certain interesting elements, but, besides that, seems to limit itself to eternally repeating some simple chords.

Another superb track is “Les Regrets, where the Metal dynamic wonderfully tangles with Shoegaze and Post-Rock influences, the resulting sound emitting that authentic LES DISCRETS atmosphere with Dark shadows, nostalgic snippets and romantic echoes. I understand that Fursy doesn’t want to repeat anything from what he’s done so far, but, at least to me, the new album doesn’t pass over the same feeling of clarity, vision and total inspiration… I mean, in a more straightforward way, I find the new material less structured than the previous one and too willing (even rushed) to encrypt in only 42 minutes 8 tracks, all musical ideas of the artists. I hope it is only my point of view. I am sure that for the collectors the album will be an easy acquisition reason, for Fursy is preparing entire pages with his exquisite graphic art!