LIMBONIC ART "Legacy Of Evil"

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LIMBONIC ART "Legacy Of Evil"
  • Album: Legacy Of Evil
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NAP
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Morfeus and Daemon returned after a five years time of pause, more furious than ever! The Symphonic Black Metal we are familiar with from their tremendous debut "Moon In the Scorpio" starts fading into an imperceptible shade, yet there's a good fact that they've given up the Death Metal sequences that made them bluff on the 2002 album, "The Ultimate Death Worship". The new material presents Fast Furious Nordic Black Metal, with solely some atmospheric scents, as the symphonic elements are seldom to be spotted. I was expecting more from these two Norwegians, but it seems that their work back ten years ago harbours no reminiscences or interest for their present... implicitly, neither for ours. If we are to consider virtuosity, LIMBONIC ART guys are exquisite and we can state that we are dealing with a well executed album. If, on the other hand, I would put this latest release in relation with the previous ones, I would place it somewhere below the first two, yet above the rest. The most elaborated track seems to be "Twilight Omen", yet the most appreciated one might turn to be "Lycanthropic Tales". Poor inspiration, quality execution.