LIMBONIC ART "The Ultimate Death Worship"

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LIMBONIC ART "The Ultimate Death Worship"
  • Album: The Ultimate Death Worship
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Morfeus and Daemon make a real proof that Black Metal is still on top and that is why the fourth album of theirs insists on the same Nordic orientation, in lack of imagination, but in force and with fastness. In fact, only "Moon In The Scorpio" could be considered a masterpiece of uniqueness, the other two simply not bringing any of innovation as far as Norwegian Black Metal is regarded. Back to the new material! There was a common opinion worldwide that the two members' activity inside ZYKLON and DIMENSION F3H shall induce sooner or later LIMBONIC ART abolition. It didn't happen but neither much of a gain I cannot see with this album!

Even if the execution is immaculate, the Black/Death Metal tunes seem to be as common and alike as EMPEROR or any other band promoted by Samoth' label. Those superb cosmic elements featured on the debut can only be presumed in a few tracks but in a diffuse note extremely pale and observed solely because of a vigilant audition, eventually on headphones. Why I am not impressed of this album? Simply because, as long as avant-garde or innovation are in a severe lack for the band's sound, I don't see any reason at all to listen to this material more than once! Of course, if there are any longer some pathetic nostalgic or passionate fans of unconventional modern Black Metal from '90' period... well, in that case...this very album might be a good occasion to enjoy! Otherwise, I believe only a vivid curiosity might lead you to such a conjectural audition...