Loell Duinn "Retrospective"

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Loell Duinn "Retrospective"
  • Album: Retrospective
  • Year: 2010
  • Artist: 
  • Croatia

The first time I heard about this band, I was in WGT in Leipzig. I only knew that the Croatians will be playing before Arcana. They weren’t really on my “to see” list and I really didn’t know what they were playing. It turns out I was shocked by the simplicity and the luminous aura exhaled by the vocalist’s invitation Olja Frolo, after she went on stage: “I hope you enjoy it and…fly with us”. It was that “something” you can’t just stop and analyze, that “something” you just feel and that’s that…

Fairly leery at first, I thought I was going to see another ATARAXIA clone, especially since the four musicians’ deployment on stage was similar to that of the Italians. Actually they have quite a bunch of elements in common: only one guitar, one keyboard and drums. And foremost, dressed in a simple but beautiful white dress, a mysterious feminine person with a charming voice. I don’t know how many of the 600 people in that hall room knew LOELL DUINN’s music, but after each song the public’s clapping was getting more and more furious. In the end, everybody got up on their feet and cheered the band for some time. Yes, the show was a fantastic surprise! 

I was reading in a big magazine specialized on this genre, that a well done, professional review must be very detailed, extremely objective and following lots of reference points. If that’s true, I was never a true professional….and really, I don’t need the assessment of standard view-points. I write about what I see, what I hear, what I like…what I feel! And LOELL DUINN is something that needs to be felt…because it’s a true undiscovered jewel! I see so many less talented bands which can be lucky enough or have good enough contacts to be signed by big labels and even be appreciated by the public, which doesn’t have the knowledge to asses their quality. 

Listen to “Green Fairy” and you’ll uncover a dreamy and fragile Ethereal bourn…the simplicity of the drums makes me think of NARSILION. Each song has it’s own world, message and roots…I don’t want to call them influences because it would sound standard….you can unravel Baltic, Oriental and Mediterranean touches, all in a subtle harmony, completed by a melancholic, mysterious and ancient favor. The combination of modern instruments with traditional and ethnic ones (flute, acordeon, tuba, piano, harpsichord plus a whole bunch of other Indian and Arab instruments) opens the eyes of the listener towards a virtual but original painting while the feminine voice inspires you to dream and to float…On the other side, this combination can sometimes express the feeling of “dryness”, making the music a little bare and artificial. But, you can get caught up with the feminine vocals and become lost forever in a re-found Atlantis of the beautiful Adriatic. This band houses a fantastic potential, in which I want to believe strongly. During the ending of the song “ Cantalena”, the rhythm becomes so exhilarating that one almost expects the “Last Mohican” to pop-up. “Desert Voice” hints towards ATARAXIA and the female voice reaches novel heights. 

It seems I’m about to tell you every detail about each song and I really don’t want to do that, each song has its own innocence, poetry and history, expressed in the most inspiring way. An album over an hour long with lyrics in different languages: from Croatian to English, Swedish and local dialects and even made up languages. Having a very powerful and organic sound, yet sensible and fragile, LOELL DUINN demonstrates in this 13 song demo, that the four band members are determined to produce quality work. Recently, the mastermind of the band, Alen Zarifovic brought in another person to play the flute and I understood that they are working avidly on new songs. I am anxious to hear the new work, especially the one they played in Leipzig, “Carpatia”, a song that isn’t featured on this album. Escaping the mundane can be achieved beautifully thru LOELL DUINN’s music. Dare to try it?