LOITS "Must album"

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LOITS "Must album"
  • Album: Must album
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NAILBOARD
  • Artist: 
  • Estonia

ENSLAVED in Estonian version? This is how many have hurried into labeling this band! It gathers over ten years of activity and it started and continued all its way with the same Pagan Black Metal approach, with Northern influences and grim voice! I don't know if the comparison with ENSLAVED is the best choice, yet I am sure that LOITS sound pretty damn good! I remember I've written about them when they were still under Ledo Takas's contract and I was surprised by their approach. Today's disappointment could only consist in the fact that their music hasn't changed at all, as the same atmospheric Black Metal path is followed. I was expecting more, but it seems that's all they're about to let to be seen. Nevertheless, we are dealing with a good album, a quality one, slightly above the average line!