LONGING FOR DAWN "A Treacherous Ascension"

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LONGING FOR DAWN "A Treacherous Ascension"
  • Album: A Treacherous Ascension
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: GRAU
  • Artist: 
  • Canada

The new album of the one who manages an Ambient label in Canada seems darker than the previous one, but it keeps the same leaden Funeral Doom Metal approach! There are solely four tracks, pretty long ones, both depressing and hopeless. The throaty voice fails into saving the atmosphere, already compromised by the melodic line, as the only elements are the elongated guitar riffs and the extremely slow battery. I wouldn't say that the new four sequences are better than the former ones released on "One Lonely Path" in 2005, as the musical valences seem to be the same ones, the approach is identical and the sound is repetitive. Anyway, this music certainly lacks the mighty accents of the Finnish Slow Doom (THERGOTHON for instance), but it unveils some elements reminding the genius WINTER or DISEMBOWELMENT. We are dealing with several minutes of pleasurable audition, yet there is nothing impressing about it.