LONGING FOR DAWN "Between Elation and Despair"

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LONGING FOR DAWN "Between Elation and Despair"
  • Album: Between Elation and Despair
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: Grau
  • Artist: 
  • Canada

The Canadians third album continues on the path elegantly set with “A Treacherous Ascension”, released two years ago. A material composed only by 4 tracks, approximately 50 minutes in length, an oppressive and slow, Finnish style Atmospheric Doom Metal, very well performed but the least bit original. The melancholic elements continue to exist, while the echoes and the effects at the background of the tracks give an even graver feel to a sound that is already more than depressing. I find the accentuated usage of guitar accords on slow passages as very inspired, where even a narrative clean voice creates a well-inspired balance between Atmospheric and Dark Aggressive Doom Metal! I don’t see how this album would not please the fans of Slow Doom Metal, however, it is still missing something and it is short of being remarkable. But in any case, the most exquisite LONGING FOR DAWN material to date!