LONGING FOR DAWN "One Lonely Path"

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LONGING FOR DAWN "One Lonely Path"
  • Album: One Lonely Path
  • Year: 2005
  • Artist: 
  • Canada

I haven't listened for a long time an album released by a Canadian band! I admit I was pretty curious to see what this debutant band can do, and its album looks pretty good: blue digipack, pleasant cover, provocative presentation: : "Canada's Unique Atmospheric Doom Metal". Maybe for Canada this sound is unique, but for Europe, SKEPTICISM clones abundantly exist. 4 from the 5 songs are extremely long, over 10 minutes each, with grave, slow, crushing and heavy riffs, which are combined with melodic, even melancholic scents, but atmospheric, too. It's a very successful album if we look at it from Doom Metal's point of view, or, better said, Slow Depressive Funeral Metal. Frederic's voice (CYCLIC LAW label) is angry and hoarse all the time, the guitars are very slow, the atmosphere is pretty somber and pessimistic... The songs are pretty alike, and because of this there are some monotony scents, the voice is the same on the whole album - maybe he should have tried other different modulations - common accords, that seems like entering in a routine... I don't really know what to say. It's a neat album, with the song "Ashes Of Innocence" excellently thought, in which the melancholy that's given off outlines an uplifting aura, which deserves to be listened, at least because it's a debut. A bit over the average, "One Lonely Path" can become one of the best albums of this genre in Canada.