LOST KINGDOM "As The New Dawn Awakes"

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LOST KINGDOM "As The New Dawn Awakes"
  • Album: As The New Dawn Awakes
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: WAERLOGA
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Tjernberg brothers set out to follow on the path of some legendary classics, so they've done an album out of percussion, keyboard and programming, oscillating between Beethoven, Strauss, Schumann, Mahler, Verdi, Chopin or Wagner. Therefore, what we're dealing with is Avantgarde Neo-Classical, without vocal interpretation, a symphonic music in the end, following the same classical path, one that has no point in being commented on further. It is not Metal, neither Rock, nor Ambient... just pure classical music!!!! Sure, I could try and pose as a connoisseur of such sonorities, yet I think it would be more correct and simple to stop commenting such a beautiful music. The tracks are diverse, each one has a dynamic of its own, so we can certainly call it an album fully diversified in classicism.